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United Surgery Medical Center's doctors are private practitioners and bill for their services separately. During your procedure your surgeon may consult other physicians (anesthesiologist, pathologist, radiologist and other specialist) about your care. They will review many of your test and work directly with your surgeon. While you may not meet them all, you may receive separate bills from them for their services.

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As a courtesy to our patients, the Surgery Center provides verification of your insurance coverage and benefits, and may contact you for assistance. During the financial verification process, our representative may determine that a deposit and/or co-payment is required for the services you will receive at United Surgery Medical Center. If so, you will be asked to make the deposit or co-payment or or before the day of the procedure.

To facilitate the payment or co-payments, we accept advance financial arrangements. We also offer assistance through the use of our Payment Plan, which our pre-admission representative may fully explain. For more information, please contact us at 323-726-0577.



If you have health insurance, you will be ask to assign benefits to the United Surgery Medical Center and make deposits for amounts not payable by insurance. United Surgery Medical Center will bill your insurance carrier as a courtesy, although you are ultimately responsible for ensuring timely payment by your insurance carrier. If payment has not been received from your insurance carrier within 30 days of the billing date, we may contact you for assistance.



United Surgery medical Center

  United Surgery Medical Center


United Surgery Medical Center

United Surgery Medical Center  

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